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For mining trucks and vehicles that carry payloads, determining the weight that is being carried is a crucial metric that demands precise and efficient measuring. 澳门老永利网官网首页are one of the best systems in determining such critical load weights.

wheel loader scales by walz scale

On-board weighing scales are weighing systems that are integrated directly onto the chassis of trucks, loaders, load bearing equipment and other hauling vehicles. In short, on-board scales measure the weight of the loads without the need of any external measuring systems. on-board weighing system display

For example, with wheel loaders, on-board weighing systems they're installed seamlessly onto the chassis of loaders with a digital display interface placed in the driver’s cab.


Walz Scale is global supplier of railway scales, truck scales, 澳门老永利网检测安卓, and industrial weighing equipment for several different industries. They are an industry leader in selling on-board weighing scales for the various industry applications including mining.

Besides wheel loaders, haul trucks and other load bearing vehicles typical in the mining industry, on-board weighing systems can be easily integrated on a number of different applications, such as conveyor belt weighing systems and skid loader scales.

walz on-board weighing systems

As global industry leader in heavy duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for a broad range of industrial equipment and vehicles, Walz Scale offers a broad variety of wheel loader scales for miners in mining operations and other numerous applications including agricultural producers. These wheel loader scales supplied by Walz Scale are engineered to optimize the efficiency and payload management process for many users.


Walz Wheel loader scales offer on-board weighing for advanced throughput, improved efficiency, and seamless use. Any mining company that invests in on-board weighing systems for wheel loaders can leverage the several benefits over the conventional models.

One, they're highly precise thanks to the ultra sensitive nature of the loads cells. That is one of the reasons the Walz Scale wheel weighers are some of the most popular options on wheel loader scale market today.

wheel loader

Unlike the static scale models, installing and operating these scale units is pretty simple; all you need is to set them up in a somewhat flat surface, which should only take you a few minutes. These scales have low maintenance requirements, are field serviceable and usually water proof, which means that they can be used even at areas where harsh weather is a concern. In remote places, they can be operated through batteries.

Since the system is typically installed on the vehicle's frame, these wheel loader systems are convenient to use and take the measurements quickly whilst the mining trucks are in motion. The data that is collected is in a clear and accurate manner and so the user’ records the exact weight carried.

Besides, the use of wheel loader systems help mining companies to lower overall operating costs, increase operational effectiveness, reduce their maintenance costs, increase the ROI for a truck fleet and boost production and maximizes the payload.


These on-board weighing systems work using mounting sensors installed between the chassis and the axle of the vehicles, trucks or equipment. The load sensor system in vehicles will measure spring deflection whenever the vehicle, or truck is loaded, and the load weight can then be instantly measured and derived.

A look at the cab mounted read out digital display tells the mining operator the load weight. That is measured through an electronic cell, applying strain gauge technology into the overall truck scale system. The cell is temperature repaid and requires minimum maintenance.

This makes it easy for the operators to record and assess these important metrics, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and data management. These loading scales for miners can be integrated with specialized software for both payload and production management.


Walz wheel loader scales come with different designs depending on the weighing operations or application requirements. With the proper configuration, they can be integrated on almost any make and model loader. These systems also come with many different options which include certain features and benefits.

For instance, the on-board wheel loader scales from Walz com in three primary types:

  • 澳门老永利网检测安卓 - is the most advanced of the three wheel loader scales. This ultimate loader scale facilitates the management and tracking of productivity. It incorporates optional interfaces for devices like modems, USB drives and WiFi radio for communication.
  • 澳门老永利网二维码娱乐 - Is a less advanced version of the WK50. It offers dynamism in application as it can function while trucks are stationary or in motion, thus boosting productivity and attesting to its versatility. It's easy to install, both on field or off the field.
  • 澳门老永利网地址二维码 - the least advanced version of the three wheel loader scales and the most affordable.

These on-board weighing systems for loaders offer mining operators with advanced throughput, a seamless weighing process, and improved efficiency. The integral aspects regarding the individual wheel loader scales is the robust application durability because of the adoption of a patented sensor in the three scales, ease of use, and provision of a perfect interface for data input.


With the heavy duty wheel loader scales from Walz Scale, you'll be certain that you can get a perfect loader weighing system whenever acquiring these products. They prove to be crucial tools for weighing loads of mined materials as well as extracted resources and payload management.

mining loader scale

Offering great efficiency as well as versatility for use on several different vehicles and pieces of equipment, on-board weighing systems are a form of truck scale technology which serves many functions.

In addition to a broad product offering, Walz Scale is top rated global on-board weighing scale supplier you can trust, particularly when acquiring the customer support and calibration services you many require during and after your purchase.

They have one of the biggest global service and support organizations among on-board truck scales as well as specific mining truck scales and related industry applications. For more information on wheel loader scale specifications, applications, and pricing, please view the complete offering of wheel loader scales at Walz Scale.

3 Leading Load Weight Management Systems for Mining Companies 澳门老永利官网

Mining companies depend on accurate, heavy duty loading weight management systems. This is because the payloads carried by mining trucks need to be weighed properly to ensure these loads are accurately valued (which determines the profitability of a mining operation.)Load Management Weighing System

There are different types of 澳门老永利网ios在线 and different types offer different features. This gives mining companies the opportunity to choose the particular weighing systems that will best meet their requirements. To choose the ideal system, mining companies need to know the features of the different systems and how they work.

The truck payload management systems we mention below use modern technology which makes them more efficient and accurate compared to traditional means of load management. Here are the three leading systems than can benefit mining companies engaged in extensive 澳门老永利网首页代理operations.


The newly-emerging 澳门老永利网检测安卓 system is an in-motion solution that is fast, highly accurate and simple to use. Being an in-motion system means that it is able to give accurate measurements even when the truck is moving. This particular system uses the latest laser scanner technologies to take the volume measurements of loads and convert them into weight metrics that are easily understandable.

load scanner volume system澳门老永利网安卓地址

Users of this system can view high definition 3D images of the loads and their measurements, making carry-back monitoring easy. The system is also compatible with almost all computers and mobile devices therefore making it very convenient to use. It is also cost effective because it is easy to install and it requires minimal repairs for it is made in a way that it can withstand rough usage without getting damaged. The load volume scanner system is also one of the most accurate systems where it gives results in metrics.

The load volume scanner offers components which allow the data to be accessed remotely in real time using computers and mobile devices. Mining companies using the truck load scanner system get to choose from the different options available where they can set the system to suit their needs.


Portable weighing systems, such as axle scales and wheel weighers, are also ideal for mining companies that need to get the weight carried by their trucks in an accurate and convenient manner. Unlike most other systems, portable wheel load weighers captures the weight of every individual axle and also the gross weight of the truck. This gives the mining companies using this system ability to get more accurate data.

Weigh-in-motion axle scales and wheel weighers do not require the trucks to stop since it is an in-motion design that can read calculations of trucks driving over the scale at slow speeds of 3-5MPH. These portable truck load scales are simple to operate where users just need to follow the simple instructions that it comes with. Furthermore, the system is easy to install where it can be installed and used on the same day. This is further complimented by the fact that it is made for tough assignment and therefore it is suitable even for the toughest mining operations.


onboard weighing systemsAny mining company using 澳门老永利官网can leverage a number of benefits. Because the weighing system is installed on the vehicle's frame, onboard systems are very convenient to use and can take the measurements quickly while mining trucks are in motion. Onboard weighing systems all the data collected in a clear manner and as a result users get to know the exact weight carried.

Furthermore, some onboard weighing systems track fuel consumption therefore making it easier to manage the truck and get optimum benefits. The data is usually very accurate and this is facilitated by the use of some of the latest technologies to make this system maximally efficient. Therefore, mining companies can easily get the most suitable truck scaling system just by comparing the outlined weight management systems.

An Inside Look at On-board Weighing Systems 澳门老永利网检测安卓

on-board weighing systemThere are certain instances in mining operations where weighing loads from a designated weighing site is purely inefficient. This is when 澳门老永利网二维码娱乐 come into play.

On-board weighing systems are some of the most simple, accurate, easy-to-install, and universally-applicable weighing systems for haul trucks and other load-bearing equipment.


On-board scales are weighing systems that are integrated to the vehicles, trucks or equipment and measure the weight of their in-bound loads without needing external weighing systems. In trucks for instance, they’re seamlessly installed onto the trucks’ chassis with interface provided in the driver’s cab.

How Do On-board Weighing Systems Work?on-board weighing system display澳门老永利网地址下载

They work using mounting sensors, which are installed in-between the chassis and axle of the trucks, vehicles or equipment. In vehicles, the load sensor mechanism measures the spring deflection once you load the vehicle, from which on-board load weight measurements are derived instantly. This is usually measured through electronic burden cells, applying strain gauge technology onto the overall vehicle scale system. The temperature of the cells is repaid and requires minimum maintenance.

The digital read-out display fitted inside the vehicle’s cabin allows for easy recording and assessment of the weight metrics. In most systems, the display takes the form of a huge LCD screen with illuminated digits.


What purpose do on-board weighing systems serve in helping various businesses and industries determine the weight of heavy-duty loads on different pieces of equipment?


Conveyor belt on-board weighing systems are suitable for stationary applications such as in mining operations or warehouses. Multiple scales can be monitored from one controller, which minimizes error and supervisory overhead.

on-board conveyor weighing systems


On-board forklift weighing systems are usually smaller than other scales, but offer increased productivity and improved safety in high-paced environments. They allow operators to load vehicles correctly and to check the available stock against predetermined benchmarks or pallet weights pre-programmed onto the on-board weigh systems.


There are certain on-board weigh systems which are so sophisticated that they are used in grain carts, loaders and combines to track weight as well as to record moisture content, grain yield, harvest rate and speed of collection.


On-board rail car weigh systems are designed to aid assign value to loads being transported on railroad cars. They are often installed onto the main lines of rail tracks, and not necessarily onto rail cars themselves.


On board weighing systems fitted on dump trucks and haul trucks are common option for ag weighing. They can be fitted on various types of load bearing trucks, which makes them very versatile.

Pfreundt On-board Systems for Miningon-board systems澳门老永利网手机官方

澳门老永利网平台官网, a German-based manufacturer and engineer behind some of the most revolutionary on-board weighing technology, is a leading brand in the mining industry. Pfreundt on-board scales can be integrated various forms of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment providing weight data of the loads being carried.

In North America, there are various suppliers of on-board weighing systems. One of the most reputable suppliers of 澳门老永利网客户端官方 is Walz Scale.

Walz Scale offers a wide variety of on-board weighing systems and truck scales, including wheel weighers, axle scales and weighbridges among other advanced systems. Each weighing solution is tailored for specific industrial applications, such as transport, agriculture, mining and waste management.

Above Ground Truck Scales for Weighing Sites 澳门老永利网检测地址

Truck scales are long term investments and they can provide more than 25 years of dependable service if maintained properly. Regular cleaning, inspections and calibration will increase the lifespan of your scale, prevent losses from inaccurate weight transactions, and reduce costly repairs. In essence, for most companies, a 澳门老永利娱乐官网 is the real cash register.

澳门老永利网ios在线. Today, lots of manufacturers offer various different electronic and state-of-the-art truck scales. In fact, these 澳门老永利网检测 are equipped with varying capabilities and convenient dimensions. You can also select scales that use industry standard load cells and offer full electric design.above ground truck scales

澳门老永利网地址二维码; however, there are other forms of truck scales that are "above ground" but offer different advantages. Below we cover all forms of these above ground truck scale systems.


Reliable truck scales are essential for farmers, miners and other industry professionals because these scales are helpful for assessing the productivity and calculating the weight loads. But, weighing huge loads of products is not easy for high volume farmers, miners, etc. Therefore, the right truck scale systems are highly essential.above ground truck scale

In such cases, heavy duty weighbridge scales are helpful for these industrial applications. Consistency, accuracy and durability are the most important features of a good weighbridge. Various industry professionals with massive productivity have to weigh thousands of tons. Heavy duty weighbridge scales help to deal with massive production.

Heavy duty scales are highly effective when you measure loads, which can go even up to 100,000lbs. Besides, these types of truck scales provide most dependable service, so you can use them even for mining and other volume applications. Universal Scales Weight Equip of Walz, for example, is considered as the best heavy duty weighbridge that can provide you the most accurate weights.


Conventional weighbridges are cumbersome, large and often times inconvenient. So, these systems are quickly replaced with advanced weighing and scanning technology. Accuracy and efficiency must be the most important factors when you select heavy-duty weighing scales.

The assembly procedures of traditional scales are extremely demanding. Therefore, weighbridge truck scales often require frequent calibration and maintenance. So, they cannot provide you high level of accuracy and throughput. However, load volume scanners, portable and on-board truck scales offer you the best services.


You can use portable truck scales in various locations because they are transportable and mobile. These types of scales are manufactured with a high degree of accuracy and a low profile. Portable truck scales come with different capacities, configurations, specifications and lengths to meet the needs of various applications, which include construction, farming and mining.portable truck scale wheel weigher

Portable truck scales have lots of advantages than traditional truck scales. They can withstand several tons of weight and are overload protected. They are equipped with removable ramps, which are helpful for protecting them from adverse terrain. You can use them very easily because of their low profile design.


On-board truck scales are the most cost-efficient and effective way to monitor and measure weight of trucks. External weighing system is not required for seeing. These systems are extremely versatile, so they are useful for a wide variety of applications and on different trucks. Cab digital indicators in on-board truck weighing systems help to make payload management easy.

It is critical to select the best and right truck scale. Selection of a wrong scale comes with lots of disadvantages, such as inaccurate reading, heavy wear and tear, wastage of time and money, etc. If you want to avoid all these drawbacks, you must select the best and right truck scales.

Load Volume Scanner Pays Dividends for Mining Operations 澳门老永利网ios在线

The load volume scanner seamlessly provides a highly accurate volumetric load scanning solution which is quickly becoming the new standard for payload management among mining companies. Basic in its very nature, the 澳门老永利网安卓地址 is very simple to install and operate, and its quickly earning a reputation as the best alternative to traditional load weighing systems and truck scales.

load volume scanner for mining companies

Although not an actual weigh scale, the load scanner systematically converts volume metrics into weight metrics in seconds, enabling mining operators to determine payload values, as well as optimize load distribution in haul trucks and other load bearing vehicles.

The cost-effective alternative to the installation of heavy-duty truck scales allows operators to view high-definition, 3-dimensional images of the truck loads. Further, the scanner is compatible with all types of computer systems and mobile devices.

The revolutionary load volume scanner is ideal mining companies that are involved in high-volume payload management operations in several ways. These are as follows:


In many situations, installation of a scanner costs less than 50% of the cost of installing fixed weighbridges. They require very little maintenance and minimal calibration compared to other systems. Additionally, the job site remains organized, efficient and simplistic.


In the case of operations where the cubic volume of a load is the key metric required, the scanner delivers reliable and accurate data. Unlike other systems, it minimizes not only uncertainties but also variables such as load variation, compaction and moisture content.

load volume scanner technology澳门老永利娱乐官网


The truck load scanner can be installed at the site and put into operation the same day. Once the scanner is operational, it just takes seconds to assess payload data. Further, it is possible to access data in real-time from remote locations with the help of advanced software solutions.

Trucks need not be stopped in order to take measurements. Load data is generated and recorded as the trucks pass seamlessly across the scanner. For large operations wherein hundreds of truck loads are to be weighed on a daily basis, the scanner system may be the ideal solution.


The load volume scanner from is built to the highest quality standards. It is capable of withstanding tough working environment in construction, mining and other rugged industrial sectors. The volumetric load scanning system can be installed in dedicated local scanning sites, access driving places or any adequate haul roads.portable load scanner

Another key aspect as far as the load volume scanner is concerned is its portability. In just a matter of minutes, the system can be disassembled, moved to another location and assembled. This feature is important for companies involved in mining and excavation activities as they may have many weighing sites.


Truck scales can be used only to weigh loads. On the other hand, the scanner provides another valuable metric. This is the volume data. The 3D volume imagery produced by the scanner for each load passing below it enables operators not only to monitor but also pinpoint the inadequacies in truck loading.truck load position

Over time, this can greatly improve the bottom line of any business. Summarizing, the load volume scanner is a highly cost-efficient investment and provides good returns on investment for many companies, especially for payload management and mining operations. Moreover, it is easy for operators to use the scanner.

3 Mining Truck Scales Designed To Endure Tough Conditions 澳门老永利网检测安卓

Heavy duty truck scales are advanced weighing systems that enable mining companies (and other types of businesses) to carry out payload weighing operations with greater efficiency and accuracy. 澳门老永利网手机官方 are intricately designed to provide very accurate and reliable measurements even in harsh weather and climatic conditions. Such advanced weighing systems are manufactured to tolerate mud, moisture, variable temperatures, and other harsh conditions, which enable these machines to work continuously throughout the year without requiring constant calibration.mining truck scales

Mining truck scales come in many forms. Most of them also has innovative software that make data analysis and tracking more efficient. Examples of mining truck scales that have assisted payload management in harsh climatic and weather conditions include: portable axle scales, weighbridge truck scales, and on-board truck scales.

Portable Axle Scalesportable mining truck axle scales澳门老永利网平台官网

Portable axle scales are designed to provide heavy duty weighing in variable environmental conditions and in different locations. These portable mining truck scales are mostly made of stainless steel and, therefore, they are highly durable and easy to maintain. They are also portable, affordable and provide highly accurate weighing results. These portable axle scales are appropriate for weighing huge vehicles, heavy axle loads among other heavy duty loads.

澳门老永利网客户端官方 come with weighing pads, automatic weighing terminal, and ramps. The digital weighing terminal has internal receipt printer for actual time processing and also printing from different locations. It also has the digital scale processor. Finding out the weight of different products at different locations is a difficult process but portable axle scales are the best solution. They are weighing systems that can be used easily in different fields with minimum cost.


Weighbridges truck scales used by commercial farmers and other large heavyweight scales for large volume applications. Weighbridge truck scales significantly reduce workload and they are highly efficient. These scales are designed with heavy-duty components, making them long-lasting and easy to maintain. Since accuracy and efficiency are the prime consideration in weighing heavy-duty loads in industries, weighbridges offer a great solution for high-volume mining operations.weighbridge mining truck scale

Some truck scale weighbridge manufacturers offer open-pit and above ground models depending on the application. This can help mitigate moisture and other harsh elements that can wear on the scale. The downsides to weighbridge truck scales is that they are costly and cumbersome, in addition to being static or fixed to one location.

On-board Truck Scales on-board mining truck scales澳门老永利网代理网站

澳门老永利网ios在线 fitted onto trucks and they are designed to increase the payloads weighing efficiency. On-board weighing systems use load cells and modern digital indicators that show the weight at all times. They also have visual and audible set-points that enable those who use it to take advantage of the payloads.

On-board mining truck scales contain many load cell sensors which are fixed to the truck body and chassis for accurate measurement of the truck weight. These scales are connected to the truck ignition system to make the active all the time when the vehicle is in use. The digital readout shows the weight of the truck all the time when the vehicle engine is on. It has three set points that act as a warning whenever it is manipulated. These set points are fixed through a plug-in keypad. This plug-in keypad is removed when the scale is ready for use.

These mining truck scales provide accurate weight measurements in all environmental conditions at an affordable cost. Moreover, these scales are cheap to maintain and highly durable.

There are other new innovations like the load scanner. This device has cut down the cost of production in mining industries by providing a 3D laser scanning solution that uses volume metrics to determine weight. As the ultimate alternative to truck scales, the load scanner 3D scanning machine employs modern technology and advanced software. The load scanner for mining applications is highly accurate with very minimal errors. This device can be used with other weighing systems.

Wheel Load Weighers for Heavy-Duty Mining Applications 澳门永利老网

low profile wheel weighers for miningWheel load weighers (also known as truck axle scales or portable truck scales) are weighing platforms designed for heavy duty applications, especially mining and payload management. The design of 澳门老永利官网make heavy truck load weighing easy and effective, as they can accommodate a wide range of settings and weighing capacities.


Portable wheel weighers are designed to weigh efficiently and effectively. First off, their low profile platform allow trucks to be weighed to drive on top of them with much ease. This translates to 澳门老永利网ios在线 that require to weigh hundreds of trucks per day.

portable wheel weighers

Not only are wheel weighers offered with a low profile design, but they are also slim enough to allow trucks to drive on top of them without an risks to the truck or scale system. To add to the convenience in weighing, most 澳门永利老网 that are normally fitted to the sides to make it easy for the trucks to go across.

Portable load weighers are built of aluminum. This makes them light and gives them to strength to withstand heavy duty weighing. They are waterproof; they can operate in any area irrespective of the weather. You can use them in highly humid or rainy areas. They are also immune to the corrosion that results from rusting.

Many scale manufacturers have incorporated a weigh-in-motion feature to the wheel weighers to make the process of weighing more efficient. Trucks can now be weighed while driving at the speed of 3-5 mph. Seeing that the trucks do not come to a halt, this hastens the process of weighing. See the video below of Ag Weigh's portable truck scale system that offers in-motion weighing capabilities.


wheel weigher terminal

Wheel weighers offer a myriad of benefits to the users. They have grown very popular among mining and agriculture industry applications. They are easy to handle and anyone can easily learn to use them. To efficiently get the correct reading, wheel weighers are fitted with a weighing terminal with a digital monitor. 

One of the major benefits that this weighing technology offers to users is portability. They can easily be transported from one place to another. Walz offers the portable load weighers with cases that enable easy transportation.

Most wheel load weigher suppliers understands that different industries and different companies use different configurations in weighing.

To this end, wheel weighers have been designed in such a way that their configurations can be changed. This comes handy as users can obtain weights without doing calculations. portable wheel load weigher

Portable wheel weighers seamlessly weigh vehicles in-motion or static. They can also be used to compile different weight data including axle weight as well as the total weight of the truck. Users can infuse a weighing terminal with the load weighers to provide more detailed data about the truck being weighed.

The beauty of the terminal is that it is portable and operates by the use of batteries. Wheel weighers work great on flat surfaces. Nevertheless, there are those that are built for off-road terrain. Lastly, portable wheel weighers are durable. Put simply, they save you time and money and work efficiently to give you accurate weights.

3 Types of Payload Truck Scales That Work for Miners 澳门老永利网手机官方

Truck scales offer numerous benefits for many applications, but they are specifically crucial in payload management and weighing for miners as well as weighing loads for resource extraction operations.

澳门老永利网检测安卓 can be put into many weighing operations, and for this reason, there are many types of truck scale systems. This Mining Scale article explores three types of payload truck scales and how these truck scales can facilitate the payload management process.

Payload Truck Scales for Miners


Designed with a low profile and transportable design, portable truck scales have a high level of accuracy and flexibility in the field. Not to forget, their performance remains unparalleled as they come in different configurations, lengths and specifications.

Portable payload truck scales can weigh a wide variety of vehicles, even if multiple or single axles are involved.

portable mining truck scales

Advantages and features of 澳门老永利网代理.

  • They can withstand many tons of weigh, and for this reason, they are regarded as 'heavy duty'.
  • They have optional ramps suitable for adverse and undulating terrain.
  • They are fully portable and can be used in different areas as need arise.
  • To use these truck scales, only little training is required.
  • They have different weighing capacities and come in multiple sizes.
  • They can measure different types of vehicles, ranging from farming vehicles to mining trucks.
  • They do not occupy a lot of space, are easy to use, and have a low-profile portable design.


On-board truck scales are built to weigh loads on-board the real vehicle. In simple words, these are incorporated on the actual vehicle, so there is no need of an external weighing system. 澳门老永利网地址下载 truck scales are smoothly installed chassis of the truck. In most cases, such as the on-board truck scales from Walz Scale, the read-outs are availed to the driver in the cab.

Advantages and features of 澳门老永利网官方客户端.

  • These scales are versatile and can be used on many types of trucks. on-board truck scales weighing systems
  • Most of these scales have in-cab digital indicators to ensure easy payload management.
  • They are built in such a manner so as to withstand extreme weights and overloading.
  • These scales are easy to use since they are automated.
  • They are highly accurate and reliable when properly calibrated.

On-board truck scales are commonly used to weigh tractor trailers, mining trucks, semi-trucks, and other vehicles used in various industries.


Weighbridge truck scales, or simple weighbridges, are used in several applications, spanning from logistics, shipping, and many other commercial uses. These scales come in either concrete or steel, depending on the application. In simple words, these scales are designed for long-time use because they are static (cannot be carried around).

weighbridge truck scales steel deck

Weighbridge truck scales are usually mounted along highways, and are used to weigh semi trucks to check whether they are of legal transport. Weighbridges have diverse applications, as they are mostly used to check whether trucks are overweight as well as calculate legal fees with overweight loads (in select areas).

Advantages and features of 澳门老永利网地址二维码.

steel deck truck scales weighbridge

  • They have strong weight sensors, which can ascertain extreme amount of weights.
  • They offer a durable and rugged design.
  • These scales can last many years, and they require little maintenance.
  • They can withstand a lot of elements and are not affected by weight.
  • They can be installed in any location, provided the location has a flat surface.
  • They are the most accurate trucks scales in the market currently.

For individuals looking for payload truck scales that work for miners, the above truck scales will do.


Dynamic, In-Motion, Portable Truck Scales for Mining 澳门老永利官网

portable truck scalePayload weighing for mining operations thrives when throughput and efficiency are maximized. This is exactly what the portable truck scales from Walz set out to achieve. These highly-advanced truck scales are dynamic systems that offer an array of incredible features that put all other portable weighing systems to the wayside.

Because weighing capacity is a primary consideration for mining companies investing in truck scales, portable systems are often disregarded to their limitations as to how much they can weigh. Walz Scale has gone above and beyond to offer a series of 澳门老永利网官网首页that offer weighing capacities ranging from 45 tons to 110 tons. As a result, mining operators can leverage the benefits of portable truck scales without the worry of such limitations.


The AXW-Series of portable truck scales are some of the most advanced systems for mining companies. Cultivating a reputation as some of the best and most efficient truck scale systems, the AXW-Series features a number of options, including the AXW-30 series, AXW-45 series, AXW-95 series, and AXW-110 series of scale systems.

Each model can be clearly defined by it's name: the AXW-45 series has weighing capacity of 45 tons while the AXW-95 and AXW-110 offer weighing capacities of 95 tons and 110 tons respectively. These features alone are what make these portable truck scales far superior compared to those of other truck scale suppliers.


In addition to offering high-capacity weighing to meet the needs of most mining companies, the portable truck scales from Walz offer also dynamic, in-motion weighing capabilities. These advanced portable weighing scales allow operators to accurately weigh trucks as they pass over the scale unit as speeds of about 3 MPH.

This feature drastically helps accelerate throughput and efficiency, which is paramount to any high-volume mining operation. Already common in farming and agricultural sectors (per the video below), in-motion portable truck scales can provide the ultimate wheel weigher scale for advanced weighing needs.


dynamic portable truck scalesThe base material for constructing these in-motion portable weighing scales is the structural steel of high strength and durability. This makes their performance robust even under extreme conditions. The weighing pads are completely waterproof making it favorable to work under any conditions. They are capable of providing the total vehicle weight with easier portability.

The portable truck scales by Walz are provided with removable lightweight ramps which facilitates allowance of simple access of the scale pads and brighter alert for the drivers visually. The ramps are easily handled and their installation and removal is done with ease. The provision of rechargeable battery that is built-in allows extended hours of the scale operation.

The integral printer and kiosk system allows the printing of total vehicle weight and individual axle weight almost immediately. The weight is also displayed with the LCD backlight display, making the reading clear and measurements are taken easily.

heavy-duty portable truck scales

The integrated software allows users to track a multitude of data like vehicle weight, payload weight, tire load data and tire pressure monitoring, which can be managed in a single database. The load analysis tools that's integrated on these advanced portable axle scales help in identifying accurate volume carried and manage the payload.

To learn more about these dynamic portable truck scales, visit

The Most Advanced Portable Weighing Scales for Heavy-Duty Trucks and Mining Vehicles 澳门老永利网官网官网

Mining operators can benefit with the use of cutting-edge portable weighing scales to measure and track payloads. Today, more advanced truck scale system are able to boost day-to-day operations, while helping to澳门老永利网官网官网澳门老永利网ios and 澳门永利老网 necessary for profitability.

portable weighing systems

Among the different 澳门老永利网二维码娱乐 below are three of the most advanced options that are highly recommended by industry leaders.


As of one of the most groundbreaking technologies, the AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale from Walz Scale delivers in-motion weighing capabilities. This refers to the measurement and recording of axle and load weights as vehicles are moving over the scale system at slow speeds.

With Walz Scale's AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale, you can weigh vehicle axles of up to 110 tons. It is extremely useful for weighing of huge off-road trucks and other vehicles even when you're in the field. Not only are you assured of topnotch heavy-duty performance and durability with its high strength structural steel assembly but this construction is also lightweight, allowing you to bring it with you during field operations.

Moreover, this portable truck weighing scale is equipped with waterproof weighing pads that come in handy in various weather conditions. It also includes removable ramps to help alert drivers and provide easy access of scale pads.


You will surely find great use as well for the AXHD Axle Scales from Walz Scale, as these heavy-duty scales are not just efficient and hard-wearing but also manageable and compact. They are actually designed to enable you to use several peripheral components. From huge weight displays to digital weight terminals to handy driver kiosk systems, you leverage the AXHD Axle Scales for a wide range of valuable features.

If you are looking for the best axle scales in the market, these will surely deliver. These axle weight scales are designed for tough conditions, made with long-lasting, top quality carbon steel and epoxy paint. Industry experts will certainly vie for their remarkable performance and unparalleled accuracy.

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Furthermore, these are also highly usable off-road without the need for a concrete base. Thus, the scales can be utilized even on gravel foundations or sheer land or earth surfaces.

They are also armed with removable ramps for added convenience and for allowing you to weigh vehicles even without stopping. And the weight terminal that is also included is bound to enhance portable operation and competence of the axle scales.


Loading management operations would not be the same without the advanced load scanning technology of the Walz Load Scanner. This revolutionary system is not actually a weigh scale, but is a great alternative to use for scanning and calculating your load volume which can then be converted into weight metrics. This modern volumetric scanning system can facilitate easy handling and use, enhanced portability, and increased speed and accuracy of producing weight measurements.

Walz Load Scanner System complete

This load scanner is also ideal for mining companies that demand in-motion weighing operations. It's a simple and easy-to-install solution for your load weighing needs, and it provides the best alternative to the usual truck scales. In short, the load scanner system significantly helps in optimizing the productivity and efficacy of your regular operations while also taking data analysis several notches higher.

With the Walz Load Scanner, you can even view high definition 3D images of your truck loads to troubleshoot distribution inefficiencies. Additionally, you can take advantage of the integrated software called Payload Pro Operating System which is useful for easy, quick, and correct monitoring, tracking, and managing of load scan data. For more information about the Walz Load Scanner system, visit

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These highly advanced portable weighing scales or load scanning systems will definitely take your operations to the next level. Investing in such beneficial devices is bound to improve your business significantly.


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